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With over 20 years of performing experience, Arthur brings his smooth baritone and keen understanding of language to every narration and VO project, be it dramatic, informative, or downright ridiculous. 

He graduated from The College of William and Mary in 2001 with BA in Theatre, and has been working in several facets of the industry ever since. Throughout his varied career, Arthur has played his namesake in the National Tour of 'Spamalot,' performed and directed at Renaissance Faires across the country, and brought several characters to life at Walt Disney World, in the city of Orlando where he now resides.

For the past four years, Arthur has dedicated himself to audiobook narration, with some two dozen titles under his belt. With a well-appointed home studio, he is able to handle all aspects of the production chain, from the first narration through mixing the final product to industry standards.


Adept in both fiction and non-fiction, Arthur delivers an 'easy on the ears' tone that a listener can enjoy for hours. He communicates the text in a way that is clear but never dry or dull, and brings his 20 years of acting training and emotional nuance to every one of a novel's characters.

Arthur Rowan
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